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Service Areas Ohio and Michigan:

Cleveland, Columbus, Toledo, Dayton, Detroit, Port Huron, Southfield, Ann Arbor and the surrounding areas of these cities.

Affordable Polygraph Testing,Court Certified Expert, Contact us at (888) 650-9015 in Ohio or Michigan to schedule a polygraph or lie detector test. When Only the Truth Will Do.

When Only the Truth Will Do

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Uncover the truth with the help of Professional Information and Testing Services, your source for accurate polygraph testing services. Our lie detector test has been specifically designed to resolve issues dealing with fidelity, relationship issues, theft and business loss issues. Court certified in Michigan and Ohio, you simply will not find a more reliable and accurate polygraph test anywhere else.  Contact us today at (888) 650-9015 to schedule a polygraph (lie detector) test.

Polygraph Procedure
A polygraph (popularly referred to as a lie detector test or lie-test) is an instrument that measures and records several physiological responses, such as blood pressure, pulse, and breathing rhythms, while the subject is asked, and answers, a series of questions. The polygraph measures physiological changes caused by the sympathetic nervous system during questioning. Within the US Federal Government, a polygraph examination is also referred to as a psychophysiological detection of deception (PDD) examination. Visit out FAQ to learn more about our polygraph procedures.

Polygraph Readout - Lie Detector Test in Toledo, OH

We Measure & Record Involuntary Responses In:

Skin Conductivity

Heart Rate and Blood Volume

Sympathetic Nervous System


  • Polygraph Testing      
  • Lie Detector Testing
  • Lie-Testing    
  • DNA Paternity Testing
  • Drug Testing

DNA Paternity Testing:


                                                         Paying child support?


                   Maybe the child is not yours.....if so, you are not required to pay!

In addition to our exclusive polygraph services, we offer Paternity and DNA testing.

With a simple saliva swab, our experts can determine who the father of your child is or is not yours.

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